In this video we'll explore the various Action options for our slideshows


  • [x] Pause on hover (If this is checked, the slides will pause when the mouse is over them.
  • [ ] Pause on click (If this is checked, the slides will pause when clicked
  • [x] View Action Advanced Options (This reveals some additional action options.)
    • [ ] Start slideshow paused (If this is checked, the slideshow will not rotate by default. If you choose to enable this, make sure you also include the Controls widget so that the visitor can start the slideshow. We'll talk about slideshow controls, like pause and play, in just a bit.)
    • [ ] Start on last slide viewed (If this is checked, when a user leaves the slideshow page, the site remembers which slide was visible. Then when they return to the slideshow page, the slideshow resumes with that slide instead of starting over.)
    • [ ] Pause when the slideshow is not visible (If this is checked, the slideshow will automatically pause when it is no longer visible to the user (either by resizing the window, or scrolling out of view, and resumes when it is visible again.)
    • [ ] End slideshow after last slide (If this is checked the last slide will remain visible at the end of the slideshow. If it is un-checked, the slideshow will loop back to the beginning, and restart the slideshow.
    • [x] Make the slide window height fit the largest slide (If this is checked, the slide window height will be set to fit the largest slide. If un-checked the slide window will scale with the current visible content. We'll take a look at this in just a minute.)
    • Items per slide: 1 (If you'd like to show more than one slide at a time, you can do that here.)
    • [x] Wait for all the slide images to load (If this is checked, the slideshow will not start until all slides are loaded.)
    • Timeout (This is the longest the slideshow should wait before it begins, even if some slides have not finished downloading yet.)

Internet Explorer Tweaks

  • [ ] ClearType (If this is checked ClearType corrections will be applied for Internet Explorer. For more info on ClearType, visit This may cause issues with backgrounds, so I recommend you leave this un-checked.)
  • [ ] ClearType Background (If you choose to use ClearType, you may experience issues with text and background colors. Checking this box may reduce or eliminate those errors. Personally, I'd leave this disabled as well.)

jQuery Cycle Custom Options

In order to use custom options you need to download json2.js. I took a look at this, but there are virtually no advantages to using it. So, if you're upgrading from a previous version, and need it, I'll show you how to download it in videos, but if you're starting with a fresh install, don't worry about it.