This video covers the new sections in the "My Workbench" dashboard, and shows how to assign users and content to various Workbench Access sections.

My Workbench Dashboard

You'll notice that on the "My Workbench" dashboard, we now see which section each piece of content is assigned to. If we click "View All", we can also filter by section.

View "My Sections"

You can see which sections you are assigned to by clicking the "My Sections" tab in the dashboard. (This is also available on the user profile.) Now, I can edit which sections I am a part of, because I have the permission "Assign users to Workbench Access sections", but most users will see this in "read-only" mode.

Let's jump over to our test user, and we'll see how our user has been affected by Workbench Access.

Logged in as the test user, we'll see that the test user can no longer create content. This is because he is not yet assigned to any sections. So, if we jump back over to our admin user, we need to set a permission for authenticated users.

Allowing individual users to edit sections

  • Enable the permission "Allow all members of this role to be assigned to Workbench Access sections" for the "Authenticated User" role.
  • Back in the "Editors" tab (admin/config/workbench/access) we can add editors to different sections by clicking the number of editors next to the section. In the "Add editor" box simply begin typing a user's name, then select the user and click "update editors".
  • Now that user has access to my "workbench" and can perform actions in his or her assigned section. You can add a user to multiple sections by repeating these steps for each section you would like them to be an editor of.

Allowing anyone in a role to edit sections

  • You can also add entire roles to be editors of a section by clicking the "roles" tab, and selecting the "0 roles" link next to the section we would like to affect.
  • Here you can select the role you would like to be an editor and select "update roles".
  • Now you will see the list of editors as well as which roles they are assigned, this will give an indication as to why a specific user is an editor in various sections.

Assigning nodes to sections

  • Workbench Access creates a form element on content types that have Workbench Access control enabled. The form element will be displayed as a select list, and this list is dynamic in that it only shows options available to the current user.