This video walks through the Workbench Access view.


p>Go to "Structure => Views" (admin/structure/views) and select the view: "Workbench Access Content".


  • Content: Author - Grabs the author of the content, so that we can use that information in our fields


  • Content: Title
  • Content: Type
  • Workbench Access: Department - This is "Sections" by default, but I changed it to "Department" in the last video
  • (author) User: Name - This is using the relationship to get the username of the author
  • Content: Published
  • Content: Updated date
  • Workbench Access: Edit link

One thing to note is that this is just a "Master" display. So, it's not actually being used anywhere. This would be helpful if you wanted to use Workbench Access without the core Workbench module. You could create a page or block from this display, and display that anywhere on your site, just like you would normally with Views.

Another interesting thing is that the "Section" column in the "My Edits" and "All Recent Content" views is added using custom code, and is not actually a part of the configurable views.