This video demonstrates how a user with the "Editor" role can moderate content in the "Needs Review" state, and send it back to the "Draft" state for revision.

Available editor actions

Now that I'm logged in as the user "Editor", I'll click the "Create Content" tab in the "My Workbench" dashboard. You'll notice that this user can not create content, because we only gave the permission "Article: Create Content" to the "Author" role. This user can however edit any existing articles, so I'll head over to the "Needs Review" tab. Here, we see the article that the "Author" user just created. I have a few options on this page:

  • I can view the moderation history
  • Move the article back to the "Draft" state
  • Or view the article.

Moderation Options

First, I'll click "View Moderation History".
Here we get a list of previous versions of this article. I can view any previous version, or revert to a previous version. I can also move the article back to the draft state. I'll click "View" to view the current revision. Now I'm taken to the article, and once again have the option to move the article back to "Draft". I can also edit the draft by clicking the "Edit draft" tab or go back to the revision history page by clicking the "Moderate" tab. I'm just going to move the article back to "Draft".

Now, if we head back to "My Workbench", we'll see that the article is no longer in the "My Drafts" or "Needs Review" tabs. I'll switch back to the "Author" user and move it back to the "Needs Review" state.

Leaving a log message for the author

Now I'll switch back to the "Editor" user and click "Edit Draft". I'll leave a log message that says "Need to cite your sources" and move it back to the "Draft" state. Now, if we go back to "My Workbench" and click the "My Drafts" tab, we see that the article is still there.

If we switch back to the "Author" user, and go the the "My Workbench" dashboard, then click on the "My Drafts" tab, you'll see that there's no content here for us to edit. This is where I'd expect the article to show up now that it has been sent back to the "Draft" state.

I'm going to throw in my two cents here, and say that I think the article should be sent back to the original author's "My Drafts" section, but it's not. (I know that there is currently a 2.x version of Workbench Moderation in the works, and though I haven't had a go at it yet, I hope that it will work that way by default. However, this is something that could be changed in the view that creates the "My Drafts" section, so it's not a deal breaker, even now.)

The current workaround, is to go back to the dashboard, and click the "All Recent Content" sub-tab. Here I'll change the "Published" filter to "Any" (or "No") and click "Apply".

Revising content

Now, I can see the article. I'll click the article title to view the article, then click the "Moderate" tab. Here I can see that it was most recently revised by "Editor", and that I need to cite my sources. So, I can edit the article, cite my sources, and set the article to "Needs Review" once again. Now if I head back to the dashboard, I do see the article in the "My Drafts" tab. And if I switch to the "Editor" user, it is in the "Needs Review" tab.

Now, I'll switch over to the "Publisher" user to see what her permissions allow.