This video simply shows how a user with "Publisher" permissions moves a draft to the "Published" state.

Moving Content to the Published State

Logged in as the "Publisher" user, I'll head to "My Workbench". This user does not have permission to create content, and doesn't have any drafts, but the article is in the "Needs Review" tab. You'll notice most of the same options as the "Editor" user. We can once again view the moderation history (which is getting pretty full now), and we also have some moderation options. We can move the article back to "Draft" just like we did with the "Editor" user, but we can also move the article to the "Published" state. I'll go ahead and do that by clicking "Published" in the "Moderate" column.

Woo hoo! Our article is finally published, and shows in the "All Recent Content" block of the "My Workbench" dashboard. (We could also switch back to "Author" or "Editor" and see it there as well.)

That's really the only permission that the "Publisher" has that the "Editor" did not, so I'm going to go back to the "My Workbench" dashboard, login as "Author" and create a new revision that needs to be moderated while the current revision is published.