In this video, we will explore the "My Workbench" dashboard that is created by the Workbench module.



  • Chaos Tools
  • Views
  • Views UI (I'm enabling this now, but won't use it until later in the series.
  • Workbench


There is no configuration for the Workbench module. It creates the "My Workbench" area, which you can access via the new "My Workbench" link in the toolbar. It also creates the "My content" and "Create content" tabs on the "My Workbench" dashboard.

  • On the "My Workbench" dashboard, there is a "My Profile" section that displays your user photo, user name and a link to edit your profile.
  • The "My Content" section will show all content of which you are the last person to make an edit.
  • The "All Recent Content" section will list all recent content on the site.
  • The "My Edits" and "All Recent Content" sub-tabs are the same pages that you would see if you clicked "View All" next to either content section.
    • On each of these pages you can filter by title, type, and published or unpublished.
  • The "Create Content" tab on the Workbench dashboard is slightly different than the standard "Add Content" page in that it lists all entity types that you can create, not just content types. It doesn't look much different now, but when we get to the Workbench Media videos, you'll see how this works.