In this video we will take a look at the permissions needed for users to be able to create content and access the "My Workbench" dashboard.

Before we begin, I'll create a test user so that we get a more accurate view of what a user other than the super user will see.
Logged in as the test user, we do not have access to the "My Workbench" dashboard. In order for users to create content and access the "My Workbench" dashboard, they will need the following permissions:

Standard Permissions:

  • Node
    • Article: Create new content
    • Article: Edit own content
    • Article: Delete own content
    • Basic page: Create new content
    • Basic page: Edit own content
    • Basic page: Delete own content
  • System Permisisons
    • View the administration theme
  • Toolbar Permissions
    • Use the administration toolbar

Workbench Permissions

  • Workbench Permissions
    • Access My Workbench

Now, our test user has access to the "My Workbench" dashboard and can create new content. We also see that, as the super user, I can edit the content our test user just created, and if I do, it is no longer in the test user's "My Edits" section. This is because he is no longer the last person to edit the content. It is still listed under "All Recent Content" however, so he can edit it agin, and it will return to the "My Edits" section.