This video walks through the view that creates the "My Profile" section of the "My Workbench" dashboard.

Each of the sections of the "My Workbench" dashboard are individual views, and when you click "View All", the resulting page is also a view. So, if you're familiar with Views, you'll know that we can go in and edit the views to show content that we would like either instead of, or along with, the default content. This is done in the Views UI.

Editing the "My Profile" view

Go to "Structure => Views" (admin/structure/views), and you'll see the three views that come with the Workbench module. I'll begin with the My Profile (workbench_current_user) view, so I'll click "edit".


  • The first thing to take note of is the "User: Current (Yes)" filter. This filters our content to only display information about the currently logged in user.


  • User: Uid - This gets the user id of the current user for later use. It is excluded from display.
  • User: Picture - This displays the picture from the user profile
  • User: Name - This displays the name of the user.
  • User: Edit link - This provides a link to edit the user profile.

You could add additional fields from user profiles if you wanted to, for example if you had a field for a position within a company.