In this video you'll see how to override the "My Workbench" dashboard using panels.

If you don't like the default layout of the "My Workbench" dashboard, you can override it using Panels. Because we're already using CTools (a requirement of Views) all we need to install is the Panels module.

Install Modules

Enable Modules

  • Page Manager
  • Views Content Panes
  • Panels


  • Go to "Structure => Pages" (admin/structure/pages)
  • Click "enable" next to "myworkbench"
  • Click "edit" inside the "Operations" column.
  • Click "Clone" on Panel: Sample Workbench
  • Give your variant a name: "My Awesome Workbench Layout"
  • You can now edit and export this variant as you would any other
  • Be sure to disable the "Sample Workbench" panel so that yours will take effect