To use the FullCalendar module we need to create a new content type that has a date field. So, in this video, we will create a content type for events with fields for the event title, event details, start and end dates of the event and we'll categorized each event by type of activity. So before we create the content type, let's first create a taxonomy vocabulary and add new terms for each activity type.

Create Taxonomy Terms

  • Go to "Structure => Taxonomy => Add vocabulary" (admin/structure/taxonomy)
  • Name: Activity Type
  • (Save)

Add terms

  • Click "add terms" next to Activity Type
    • Name: Conference
    • (Save)
    • Name: Exhibition
    • (Save)
    • Name: Performance
    • (Save)
    • Name: Special Event
    • (Save)

Create Content Type

Now, we'll create the content type for events.

  • Go to "Structure => Content types => Add content type" (admin/structure/types/add)
  • Name: Event
  • Description: An upcoming event
  • Submission form settings
    • Title field label: Event Title
  • Publishing options
    • Default options
    • [ ] Promoted to front page
  • Display settings
    • [ ] Display author and date information
  • Comment settings
    • Default comment setting for new content: Closed
  • (Save and add fields)

Add new fields

By default, the “Event” content type only has fields for Event Title and Body. Let's add new fields for event details, taxonomy terms and start and end dates.

Add Activity Type field

  • Label: Activity Type
    • Field Type: Term Reference
    • (Save)
  • Field settings
    • Vocabulary: Activity Type
    • (Save field settings)
  • (Save Settings)

Add Event Date field

  • Label: Event Date
    • Field Type: Date
    • Widget: Pop-up calendar
    • (Save)
  • Field settings
    • [x] Collect an end date
    • Repeating date: Yes
    • (Save field settings)
  • Event settings
    • [x] Required field
    • Expand the "More Settings and Values" section
      • [x] Display all day checkbox
      • Default date: No default value
  • (Save settings)

Add Event Details field

  • Label: Event Details
  • Field type: Long text and summary
  • (Save)
  • (Save field settings)
  • (Save settings)

We'll no longer need the Body field, so we can just delete it.

  • Click "delete" next to "Body"
  • (Delete)

Create Content

Let's create some events.

  • Go to "Content => Add content => Event" (node/add/event)

Event #1

  • Event Title: Event #1
  • Activity: Conference
  • Event Date
    • (From) Date: 04/28/2014
    • (From) Time: 08:00a
    • (To) Time: 04/28/2014
    • To) Date: 05:00p
  • Event Details: (Lorem Ipsum)

Event #2

  • Event Title: Event #2
  • Activity: Exhibition
  • Event Date
    • (From) Date: 04/29/2014
    • (From) Time: 10:00a
    • (To) Time: 04/29/2014
    • To) Date: 03:00p
  • Event Details: (Lorem Ipsum)

Event #3

  • Event Title: Event #3
  • Activity: Performance
  • Event Date
    • (From) Date: 04/30/2014
    • (From) Time: 09:00a
    • (To) Time: 05/02/2014
    • To) Date: 07:00p
  • Event Details: (Lorem Ipsum)

Event #4

  • Event Title: Event #4
  • Activity: Special Event
  • Event Date
    • [x] All Day
    • Date: 05/01/2014
  • Event Details: (Lorem Ipsum)

We now have a content type for events and some events created. In the next video, we'll create a view that will render those events on a calendar.