In this video, we’ll install the Multiupload Filefield Widget module, and add a field to the Article content type that will allow us to upload multiple files at one time.


Multiupload Filefield Widget


  • Multiupload Filefield Widget

Adding a Multiupload FileField to the Article content type

  • Go to “Structure => Content types => Article => Manage fields” (admin/structure/types/manage/article/fields)
  • Add new field: File Upload
  • Field Type: Select “File”
  • Widget: Select “Multiupload”
  • (Save)

Field Settings

  • [x] Enable Display field (This will give the user the option of displaying or hiding each file that is uploaded.)
  • [x] Files displayed by default
  • Upload Destination: Public files
  • (Save field settings)

Now, we get to our widget configuration page

  • Label: (Leave the label: File Upload, which is the original)
  • Help text: Attach related files (This is optional, but it’s always a good idea to leave help text for your users.)
  • Allowed file extensions: txt doc docx pdf (These are the file types that will be allowed to be uploaded. The user will get an error if they try to upload a file with an extension not listed here)
  • File directory: article/uploads (By default, it will put all our files in the directory(sites/default/files). This field allows us to create a subdirectory structure in order to help us to store our files in a more organized way)
  • Maximum upload size: (if we leave it blank, it will use the maximum size set by PHP, on my installation, this is set to 128MB, and I am fine with that so I’m going to leave it blank this time, but it might be different in your installation of PHP, so you may put a value that you prefer )
  • Number of values: Unlimited
  • Upload destination: Public files
  • (Save)

Now, Go to Manage Display

  • Click “Manage Display”
  • Field: File Upload
  • Label: Above
  • Format: Table of files (which is my personal choice)
  • (Save)