• Jochen, what is DevOps? and what is your vision for the track at DrupalCon Prague?
    • The DevOps track covers all aspects of bringing Drupal websites into operation -- and making sure that they meet the demand of the business. This only works when development and operations work hand in hand -- hence, DevOps. In DevOps, the core characteristics can be summed up as “CAMS”: Culture, Automating, Measuring, Sharing. Culture means that people and process go first. In Automation, we use tools to get our processes working end-to-end. If we want to improve, we need to measure. And with the sharing of our insight and experience, we’re back to culture again. DrupalCon is a great place to talk about DevOps, and especially DrupalCon Prague with its “One to many” topic. Most of us start our infrastructure with one server and scale from there. IT teams as well grow from a single developer to a group of people. I’m very excited to have some great speakers on my track!


  • Jon, What’s the title of your session, and what is it going to be about?
    I’m going to be talking about my experiences bringing “start-up-like” DevOps thinking around deploying Linux servers and Drupal to a large, established organisation. It’ll be a bit of a war story in places, because it certainly wasn’t plain sailing.