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073 Prague Site Building Track - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Track (Ivo)

  • What is the theme of the track?
    Difficult question, since we are actually trying to cover a really broad spectrum of topics for all
    kinds of audiences. We are still in the process of deciding on the final schedule, but there will be
    sessions on distributions (bojan -- commerce without borders), site building changes coming
    with D8 (kristof), hopefully we'll have a great case study session and so on. We do try to align
    these sessions with DrupalCon's “One to Many”-theme
  • What’s the spread of D7 vs. D8 session proposals that have come in?
    Traditionally, Site Building relies heavily on contrib, which is a bit behind the curve when it
    comes to D8 adoption, so most of the session proposals are still focused on Drupal 7. We do
    have a featured session focussing on D8


  • Bojan what’s the name of your session, and what will you be talking about?
    Commerce without borders
    I'm going to be talking about building an ecommerce solution for the global market, and all the
    problems that go with it.
    You need to deal with different languages, currencies, payment gateways, taxes and tax rates.
    You also need to think about invoices, discounts, business rules, country laws and many other
    It's funny how all this represents the hardest use case you can have, but also one of the most
    common ones,
    at least if you're in Europe.
    I will be detailing some of the solutions we’ve recently developed to make these kinds of
    problems easier to handler, and how it all fits together on top of Kickstart..
  • Kristof what is the name of your session, and what will you be talking about?
    Drupal 8 for site builders.
    So site-building is a really broad topic of course. What I’m not going to do is build a site together,
    because that’s just boring. I’m going to talk about all the major contrib modules that have moved
    into core, but also subtle small modules. And also big new features that make site building life
    much easier. The conclusion of the session will hopefully be that Ivo should not look out for
    Drupal 8 site building a lot, because Drupal 8 is going to solve everything, or at least a lot.

072 Prague Coding and Development Track - Modules Unraveled Podcast


  • What is the theme of the track?

I tried to make the theme consistent with the overall DrupalCon Prague theme of “One to many”.
Leveraging new paradigms in Drupal 8: improving your projects and workflows
Drupal as an application platform
Integrating Drupal’s API with other systems and libraries

So we really want to present Drupal as a unifying platform, that can consolidate many technologies.

Part of that is what Alex is going to talk about in his featured session - removing some of the Drupalisms that we have all gotten used to in favour of incorporating best-of-breed open source components from outside the community. I think Symfony’s components are the most obvious example there, but there are a lot of other components too (like Guzzle, Doctrine).

Another element is the general move to OO, PSR-0, and the adoption of modern design patterns which bring us up to date with other major PHP projects. The plumbing is there now to integrate with other frameworks - and we’re doing that.

I’ve kind of been talking about low level code integrations, But theres also a lot that can and has been achieved with Drupal as it is today, by incorporating integrations with outside systems via web services, or supplying services to other systems. So I would like some of our presentations to cover how Drupal integrates, and maybe in ways you hopefully haven’t thought of.


  • What is the name of your session, and what is it going to be about?

071 DrupalCon Prague DevOps Track - Modules Unraveled Podcast


  • Jochen, what is DevOps? and what is your vision for the track at DrupalCon Prague?
    • The DevOps track covers all aspects of bringing Drupal websites into operation -- and making sure that they meet the demand of the business. This only works when development and operations work hand in hand -- hence, DevOps. In DevOps, the core characteristics can be summed up as “CAMS”: Culture, Automating, Measuring, Sharing. Culture means that people and process go first. In Automation, we use tools to get our processes working end-to-end. If we want to improve, we need to measure. And with the sharing of our insight and experience, we’re back to culture again. DrupalCon is a great place to talk about DevOps, and especially DrupalCon Prague with its “One to many” topic. Most of us start our infrastructure with one server and scale from there. IT teams as well grow from a single developer to a group of people. I’m very excited to have some great speakers on my track!


  • Jon, What’s the title of your session, and what is it going to be about?
    I’m going to be talking about my experiences bringing “start-up-like” DevOps thinking around deploying Linux servers and Drupal to a large, established organisation. It’ll be a bit of a war story in places, because it certainly wasn’t plain sailing.

068 DrupalCon Prague Global Team with Rick Nashleanas and Jozef Toth - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Global Track Chairs

  • Who is the global team and what do they do?
    Rick: The global team is our organizational memory in putting on DrupalCons. They have been local track chairs and they consult with the locals to guide us away from potholes and toward the best sessions. We have a North American and a European global track chair for our standing track: Coding & Development, Frontend, Site Building, Business and Strategy, and DevOps. Link:

  • Jozef, what is your role in DrupalCon Prague?
    Jozef: My role is to help the local track chair with anything he needs help with:) So mostly it is to support him, discuss various issues that arise during the whole preparation process and mostly during the session selection process.


  • Jozef, who do you work with on the Frontend track for Prague?
    Jozef: Together with my US global co-chair Ken Woodworth we work mostly with Jesper Woeldiche who is the local track chair and is doing an amazing job!

  • What is the theme of the track?
    Jozef: This year we wanted to focus on implementing established best practices in both design, workflow and code and exploring cases that stretch the boundaries of what can be done with Drupal. Since building function able, usable, high-performing and beautiful websites requires you to go beyond the framework itself.

So the MAIN THEMES are
De-druplifying the user and the editing experience
Mobile tools & techniques
Frontend performance
Interactive maps and visualizations

  • What gets you excited about being a global track chair for Drupalcon Prague?
    Jozef: I am always excited when I see the amount of great session submissions that we have each year. It is always great to see how much wisdom and experience there is within our community and that these experts are willing to share it. To me this is the true flavour of an open source community.

  • Rick, what are you excited about at DrupalCon Prague?
    Rick: I am excited about the innovations brought to DrupalCons by the local Prague team. The use of video on the site and for site submissions. From the popularity of the SASS/Compass triple BoF in Munich, I am very excited about the ½ day hands-on Labs sessions and I am excited at bringing that format to the North American DrupalCons.

067 DrupalCon Prague Core Conversations with Gabor Hojtsy, Cathy Theys and Shannon Vettes- Modules Unraveled Podcast


  • What is the theme of the track?
  • Are core conversations only for coders?
  • Are sessions limited to Drupal core topics?
  • What is this crazy talk about Drupal 9, Drupal 8 is not even released!?
  • What is the timeline for submission?


  • There aren’t currently any core conversations proposed, so what kind of sessions would you like to see?