The date and time fields allow you to collect date and time information, in your desired format, while eliminating user error.


The date field can be very useful for collecting a person's birthday, for example. I'll do that here.

  • Title: Birthday
  • Default value: 07/11/1986 (Here you can actually set things like: "now", "Tomorrow" and "-1 Sunday". Or, you can enter an exact date like "07/11/1986". You'll notice that the year did not change in our default above. If we go to the validation tab you can see that the start date is set to -2 years. I'll change that to -100 years. And I'll change the end date to +0 years. Now the default value has been updated and if we select the year select box you can scroll to see that we can go back to 1912 and only go up to 2012.)

Back in the display tab we have the option to enable a pop-up calendar. This is a very useful tool and will make things much easier for people to select a date. If you look above there is a calendar icon, if you select that, you can choose a date on a calendar to make things a little easier. You also have the option to use a text field for year, but I like using the select box.


For the time field we will ask when a person gets up in the morning.

  • Title: What time do you get up in the morning?
  • Default value: (in the default value you can enter things like "now", +3 hours, or +30 minutes. You can even add those together for example, you could enter "+3 hours +30 minutes". Or you could enter a value like "7:30" or "19:30". You'll notice that if you enter 24 hour time it will adjust to the 12 hour time equivalent.)
  • And in the display tab you can select if you would like them to enter 12 hour or 24 hour time.