Final Views Video - Importing and Exporting Views (Also, Search API is next!) | Modules Unraveled

Final Views Video

Exporting and Importing Views
When working with multiple views or sites, creating every view from scratch can be dull, repetitive and error prone. To avoid this, views provides a way to copy views from one site to another or from one environment (like local) to another (like staging). This final video in the Views series will show you how to do that.

Search API series is underway!

A while back, I asked everyone on the newsletter what they wanted to learn. The #2 request was Search. It seems that there are people out there not happy with the default search capabilities of Drupal. There's plenty to cover when talking about Search API, so the next series will explore those topics. Look for that soon!

(In case you're wondering, Calendar systems was the #1 request. That's coming too!)