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012 Greg Dunlap and the Configuration Management Initiative for Drupal 8 - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Greg Dunlap

Greg Dunlap talks about the Configuration Management Initiative (CMI) and how it will improve the dev/staging/production process by moving configuration out of the database, and into files that can be easily moved across sites.

Things he talks about

  • What is CMI and what will it do?
  • What has it been like being an initiative lead?

Questions from Twitter

  • (@DamienMcKenna) Damien McKenna
    Why does he feel the current configuration structure is the best option?
  • (@Crell) Larry Garfield
    Are UUIDs and deployment still part of your initiative, or have those fallen by the wayside? Who's picking those up?

011 Rich Lyon and Bringing SASS to Drupal With the Sassy Module - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Rich Lyon

Rich Lyon of LiveLink New Media talks about using SASS with Drupal. He explains how it is different from writing plain CSS and how it can be used to make responsive design easier within Drupal.

Questions include:

  • For those who’ve not heard of SASS or the Sassy module, tell us what it does
  • How is this better than writing plain old CSS.
  • How can SASS be used to make responsive design easier (within Drupal).
  • Who should be using Sassy?
  • How can SASS enhance a themer's workflow?
  • Ok, let’s talk about what Sassy brings to the table, that isn’t possible with the Ruby compiler.
    • Does it add any new features?
    • Does it cause any performance issues?
    • Is there a lack of features that the Ruby compiler has?

010 Jeff Burnz and Responsive Design in Drupal using AdaptiveTheme - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Jeff Burnz

Jeff Burnz talks about AdaptiveTheme and how you can use it to build custom responsive themes.

Some questions he answers include:

  • What exactly is AdaptiveTheme?
  • How does AdaptiveTheme change for different devices?
  • How easy is it to create a sub-theme for AdaptiveTheme?
  • I’ve seen Corolla demonstrated by Ryan Szrama in some of his Drupal Commerce videos. He said that he likes it a lot. What makes it so good?
  • What other sub-themes are available off the shelf that I can use in my Drupal site?

Questions from Twitter

I asked, on Twitter, if anyone had any questions for you about responsive design and Drupal, and here are a few that I got back:

  • Paul Johnson (@pdjohnson): How do I sell responsive design to my clients?
  • Paul Johnson: What viewport widths do you work to?
  • Jon Stieglitz (@jonstieglitz): Can you talk about responsive vs. adaptive? And with that, would you explain the difference between the two?
  • Jon Stieglitz: What is best practice when dealing with images in responsive design?
  • Paul del signore (@pdelsignore): I think how images + imagecache is handled in adaptive would be cool to know

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009 Larry Garfield and The Future of Drupal Core - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Larry Garfield

Larry Garfield (@Crell), who is the "Web Services and Context Core Initiative Lead", talks to me about WSCCI and how it will fundamentally change the way Drupal's back-end will function in Drupal 8. He starts out by talking about what web services are and how they work, then he talks about how Drupal 8 will incorporate REST and Symfony2 into core. He also gives an idea of how this will (or will not) affect Drupal module developers and site builders.