The “Cleanup and Output” section lets you configure what font formats are available through the “Format” dropdown, and gives you some control over the formatting of the HTML output by CKEditor.

In the cleanup and output dropdown we have some options to configure what html is output by the editor.

Enter mode: <p>

This means that when the user presses the enter key, a new paragraph will be created. This is the default setting for editors across the web. You could set this to simply move to the next line, or create a new <div> as well. But I prefer to leave it at <p>.

Shift+Enter mode: <br>

This will move to the next line of the same paragraph (<br>) when the user holds the shift key and presses enter. Again, this is the default setting for editors across the web. You can change this to <p> or <div>, but I’ll leave it set to <br>.

Font formats

These are the font formats that will show up in the “Format” dropdown button. You can remove anything you’d like, for example: “div;pre;address;” so that content editors don’t have those options when writing content.

Use custom formatting options

If you set this to “yes”, the options in the “Custom formatting options” below will take effect. Otherwise, they are not used.

Custom formatting options

Each of these does exactly what they say. You can choose to always indent the element contents, break lines before and after opening and closing tags, and indent the contents of <pre> elements.