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020 Steven Jones and The Aegir Project - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Steven Jones

This week I talk with Steven Jones of the Aegir Project.

Here are some of the questions I asked him

  • I’ve only heard of Aegir, but never actually used it. What exactly is it?
  • How did you get started with Aegir?
  • What kinds of things can Aegir do other than site install?
  • How does Aegir integrate with Git?
  • What sort of people is Aegir appropriate for?
  • How does Aegir compare to other tools like Pantheon or Acquia’s dev cloud?
  • What about tools like Puppet or Capistrano?
  • How can people get help?
  • What’s the future of Aegir?

Questions from Twitter

  • @TimeRaider: What are the plans for 7.x release and new Drush support?
  • @tgroff: What should distributions do to ensure Aegir compatibility?

019 Randall Knutson and Drupal Apps - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Randall Knutson

This week Randall Knutson of LevelTen talks to me about apps.

Some questions I asked



  • What are apps?
  • What is the idea behind an app? Who started it?
  • Before Apps there was Features. What are Features?
  • How are apps different form features?
  • What can be done with apps that can’t be done with features?
  • What are some of the apps that LevelTen has produced?
  • How can someone start using apps? Where do we get them?
  • <


    018 J. Ayen Green and the Drupal 7 Views Cookbook - Modules Unraveled Podcast

    Photo of Jayen Green

    The Drupal 7 Views Cookbook

    J Ayen Green joins me to talk about his new book: "Drupal 7 Views Cookbook". He talks about what you'll find in the book, how the "recipe" format helps it stay small (300 pages) and the difficulty he plowed through to get it released.

    The book is ideal for anyone, whether you're just starting to use Views, or if you can already import and export Views. The "recipes" you'll find inside are some of the most requested views configurations. If you're interested in buying the book, you can buy "Drupal 7 Views Cookbook" on Amazon! (This is an affiliate link, so, if you purchase the book through this link, not only will you be getting an awesome book by an awesome author... you'll also be helping the Modules Unraveled Podcast keep going!)

    Win a free copy!

    If you're not inclined to buy it, but want to take a look anyway, you can tweet to enter our giveaway!
    Here's how to enter:

    1. Follow @AccidentalCoder and @ModsUnraveled
    2. Send a tweet letting us know how you would use the book, and keep in mind that we'll choose the winner based on the entertainment we get from the tweet.
    3. Be sure to include the hash tag #D7VCB

    That's it! We'll notify the winner via DM, and I'll announce it on the podcast in a couple of weeks!

    017 Gabor Hojtsy and the Multilingual Initiative for Drupal 8 - Modules Unraveled Podcast

    Photo of Gabor Hojtsy

    This week I talk with Gábor Hojtsy about the Multilingual Initiative for Drupal 8.

    Questions he answers

    • For those who’ve not heard of the Multilingual Initiative, can you tell us what it is and what it will accomplish?
    • Is it just a way to translate text on a page? Can’t Google do that?
    • What have you accomplished so far?
    • How do you manage all these tasks?
    • What are the big things still to be worked on?

    016 Johan Falk and the Skill Compass module - Modules Unraveled Podcast

    Photo of Johan Falk

    Johan Falk (@Itangalo) has a new module out! Skill compass can help organize training on your website.

    Some Features of Skill Compass

    • Easily create sites for learning
    • Break up subjects into interrelated topics
    • Organize resources from around the web, and create relationships between them
    • Vote relationships between topics up/down
    • Get suggestions for topics to learn based on what you already know
    • Browse graphical representations of "topic trees"
    • "Progressive permissions" - receive new permissions when you're active on the site
    • Caching (even for logged-in users)

    Check out the site to see the module in action. and/or
    Watch Johan demonstrate in a pair of screencasts.

    015 Nathan Haug and - Modules Unraveled Podcast

    Photo of Nathan Haug

    This week Nathan Haug talks with me about the Webform module and

    He starts out by explaining what the Webform module is, and what it does, and also talks about some of the contrib modules that extend Webform. Then he talks about the recent release of

    Some of the things we discuss include:

    • Background behind and how it got started?
    • How is different from installing webform on a "traditional" Drupal site
    • Some of the limitations
    • How the data can be exported into a "traditional" Drupal site
    • and Price

    Questions from Twitter

    • Richard Lyon (@richthegeek): Do you plan to release the UI as a contrib module for other sites?
    • Damien McKenna (@DamienMcKenna): Thoughts for v4? Rebuild to use Fields, merge with EntityForm, or something else?

    Follow me on Twitter (@ModsUnraveled) to ask your own questions!

    014 Florian Loretan Announces DrupalCon Munich and Barry Jaspan Explains the Permentently Free Developer Tier of Acquia Cloud - Modules Unraveled Podcast

    Photo of Florian Loretan

    While at DrupalCon Denver, I met up with Florian Loretan (@floretan) to get the specifics on DrupalCon Munich. Some of the details he talks about include: the dates, who the keynote speakers will be and pricing. Registration is open now, so go register!

    I also got to talk with Barry Jaspan (@bjaspan) about the recently announced permanently free developer tier of Acquia Cloud. We also talked a bit about what the future holds for the standard managed cloud service. This is really great stuff!

    013 Ben Finklea and the Blue Drop Awards - Modules Unraveled Podcast

    Ben Finklea (@BenFinklea), the CEO of Volacci, talked to me about the Blue Drop Awards while I was at DrupalCon Denver, and I decided I needed to have him on the show to help spread the word about the Blue Drop Awards.

    The timeline looks like this:
    Deadline for submission: Thursday, March 22nd
    Voting period: Tuesday, March 27th - Friday, April 6th
    Winners announced: Tuesday, April 10th

    Go vote!