Videos in this series

1. Intro Description
2. Creating a New Drupal 8 Project Using the Composer Template Description
3. Setting Up MAMP to Serve Your Site Locally Description
4. Using for Local Device Testing Description
5. Creating a Drush Alias Description
6. Installing Drupal with Console Description
7. Configuring settings.php and settings.local.php Description
8. Committing Your Project to Git Description
9. Installing and Uninstalling Modules with Composer Description
10. Installing the Dev Version of Modules Description
11. Updating and Downgrading Modules Description
12. Skipping Specific Module Versions Description
13. Specifying Acceptable Version Ranges Description
14. Enabling Modules with Drush and Deciding What Version Pattern to Use Description
15. Setting the Config Directory in settings.php Description
16. Exporting Config Locally Description
17. Using the Configuration Installer Install Profile Description
18. Installing the Site on a Production Server with Composer Description
19. Setting up settings.local.php Description
20. Changing the Site Name and Disabling CSS Aggregation in settings.local.php Description
21. How to Enable Theme Debugging on Development Sites Description
22. Overriding Module Configuration (Like Google Analytics) in settings.local.php Description
23. Configuring a Local Site and Exporting it's Configuration with Git Description
24. Pulling Changes to a Remote Site (And some gotchas) Description
25. Using Drush Shell Aliases to Make Development Easier Description
26. Verifying the Changes Made on Local and Reflected on Live Description