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163 Easy Local Development Using Kalabox with Mike Pirog - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Mike Pirog


  • What is Kalabox?
  • Brief story on history Kalabox
  • Is there a plan to use the “official” Docker for mac backend instead of VirtualBox?
  • Current update on state of Kalabox
  • How does Kalabox compare with other local dev tools like Mamp, DrupalVM etc.?
    • Specifically: Speed, flexibility
  • Is Kalabox, or will it be usable with server environments other than Pantheon? Ie: Acquia, VPS, PlatformSH

Use Cases

  • Team standardization
  • Fast local dev
  • Automated repeatable tasks
  • Github workflow?
  • Composer based workflow?
  • Our three month roadmap


  • You mentioned Tandem in the into, and you gave me a brief description before the show, but can you expand a little bit on what that is?

162 Drupal 8 Enterprise Development with Allan Chappell and David Diers - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Allan Chappell and David Diers


  • In D7, we used the Migrate Drupal to Drupal module, what’s the case for D8?
    • Speak on pattern of using Migrate Drupal as a basis for a migration.
    • Migration plugins and yml configuration declarations are an improvement on an already excellent module - if you are going to handle migrations like you did in 7 - which might be appropriate depending on your use case
    • Appropriate where you are significantly revising the content model, configuration or site composition.
  • What are some of the pros and cons of the way Migrate Drupal works in D8?
    • Pros
    • Migration of most Drupal settings: registration emails, site name, debug settings, etc.
    • Migration of most fields (work is ongoing to include contrib into upgrade migrations)
    • Migration of all content types with nodes and revisions
    • Cons
    • By default, fixed ids (not ideal for staged work)
    • Miss an opportunity to take out the trash

Configuration management

  • Let’s talk about configuration management. I know from working with you guys that you started out using Features...
    • Tried out a features based approach at first - because it was similar to well established patterns in 7 - but abandoned it for the project
    • Feature branch activity then confex seems to be working out well
    • Configuration import and export has inspired a lot of confidence in getting to known states.
    • The challenge is probably in managing environmental config settings - that’s where Master still might have a place.
    • Using configuration export and import committed to git repo.
    • Challenges of local configuration vs production configuration.
    • Managing code review
    • Automated removal of local configuration
    • Would like to know some other people’s workflows

161 Website Audits and How to Do Them Right with Jon Peck - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Jon Peck

Website Audits

  • What is a site audit?
  • Why would you do one?
  • Intended audience
    • New clients? Existing clients?
  • What are the goals of a site-audit?
  • How do you approach a site audit?
    • What are some other approaches you’re aware of?
  • What tools and techniques do you use?
  • How do you present the results?
  • How often should you do them?
  • What are some things to avoid?

160 The Workflow Initiative for Drupal 8 with Dave Hall and Dick Olsson - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Dave Hal and Dick Olsson

Workflow Initiative

  • What is the Workflow Initiative and what are the goals you’re trying to achieve?
  • What lead you into proposing this initiative for core and what’s the background story?
  • Dries mentioned in the keynote that official initiatives preferably should have a dedicated team, and have funding. How is that going to work for the Workflow Initiative?
    • How is it funded?
    • Who is on the team?
  • What will the process be like for getting this into core? [talk about the new governance structure for core initiatives]
    • Roadmap for Drupal

How will it work?

  • How will the content moderation workflow work when it’s in core?
  • How will the full-site content preview work when it’s in core?

Questions from Twitter

  • Jibran Ijaz ‏@JibranIjaz
    What will happen to the workflow initiative if Drupal shop(s) will stop supporting it? #MUP160

  • Jibran Ijaz ‏‏@JibranIjaz
    How can we make sure that this'll be a community driven initiative not specific to someones requirements. #MUP160

  • Steve Persch ‏@stevector
    Do you anticipate support for making/deploying configuration changes through workspaces? #MUP160

  • Steve Persch ‏@stevector
    @JibranIjaz @dickolsson I'd like part of the answer to be consensus formed around Behat-executable stories/scenarios. #MUP160

  • Justin Ludwig @jludwig89
    Can the Workflow Initiative fit into a multi-site install, where content is to be deployed to more than one site? #MUP160

159 Using Regression Testing to Preempt Website Errors with Micah Godbolt - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Micah Godbolt

I’m really excited about today’s show because this is one of those topics that I know that I need to know, but don’t know where to start. So, I’m super excited that you agreed to come on and teach me what you know about regression testing!

Regression Testing

  • What do you mean when you say “Regression Testing”?
  • Why is regression testing important?
  • Is there anything to install on your computer? (Testing server)
  • What types of regression testing are there?
    • Unit/Functional (Mocha/Chai)
    • Behavioral (WebdriverIO, Behat)
      • Authenticated/Anonymous
    • Qualitative (Sasslint, JS lint, JSON lint)
    • Performance (Pagespeed, Perfbudget)
    • Visual Regression (wraith, phantomcss, webdrivercss)
      • How does this work on pages that have dynamic content. Homepage photos, comments etc.
  • Where would you start?
    • Front-end
    • Back-end
    • Site-builder

Where to learn

  • Free 6 day email course

158 Using the Group module as an Alternative to Organic Groups in Drupal 7 and 8 with Kristiaan Van den Eynde - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Kristiaan Van den Eynde

Group Module

  • What is the Group module?
    • A really awesome tool to basically create subsites within one site, private content, manage groups of people or all that combined.
  • Why did you create it instead of just using OG?
    • OG DX experience...
  • There are versions for D7 and D8. Which are you more focused on?
    • D8
  • How is the Group module different from Organic Groups?
    • Good question! The key difference is how the modules decide to structure their data, how that affects the user flow and how the configuration model is built.
  • What is the underlying architecture? OG uses entityreferences heavily. How does Group work?
    • Dedicated Group Entity
  • What’s the status? Is it usable now? (D7 and D8)
    • Available for Drupal 7 and 8, with the 8 version being a large improvement over D7. There’s a few minor things I need to add to the D8 version, but it looks and works great already!
  • Is there much difference between the Drupal 7 and 8 version?
    • Yes and no: the key concept remains the same, but the UX and data model was improved even further. I would really recommend going forward with D8 from now on if you have the chance.

Use Cases

  • Why should I use Group instead of OG?
    • UX, UX, UX
    • data structure
    • DX
    • But most of all: dedicated functionality, it will all make sense!
  • Users that get something special that you can’t do with Roles
  • Groups of people
  • Groups of content
  • There are so many!!!

Questions from Twitter

  • Michelle Lauer @bymiche
    How many subgroups can you nest? How are permissions inherited?
  • Michelle Lauer @bymiche
    Can you easily categorize roles within a group?
  • Michelle Lauer @bymiche
    If you have many roles and want to expose them to "managers" - for UX purposes, roles in categories would be easier to look at
  • Erich Beyrent @ebeyrent
    Sounds like a great UX, what about DX - is there a well-defined API as well?
  • Damien McKenna @DamienMcKenna
    Any plans to port some OG modules, e.g. og_menu or og_menu_single?
  • Damien McKenna @DamienMcKenna
    Would it be possible to create og_forum's functionality out of the box or will it require custom work?
  • Damien McKenna @DamienMcKenna
    Are the join forms configurable/fieldable?
  • Ted Bowman @tedbow
    Interested in this. Can you add fields to a membership?
  • Erich Beyrent @ebeyrent
    What doesn't Groups do? Are there features that you feel need to be added before 1.0 release?

157 The Drupal 8 Port of Advagg with Nick Wilde - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Nick Wilde


  • First, can you give us an overview of what Advagg is?

The Drupal 8 Port

  • Are you the main maintainer of the D8 version?
  • What was the porting process like?
  • What features are in the Drupal 8 version right now?
  • What's the status of the Drupal 8 version?
  • Do you know of any compatibility issues with other modules?
  • What do you have planned for the future?