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049 Francesco Placella and Entity Translation in Drupal 8 Core - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Francesco Placella

Translation as it is in Drupal 7

  • How has translation been done (in Drupal) in the past?
  • Why Entity Translation? What holes does it fill?
  • The second beta of Entity Translation was just released at the end of November, what kinds of updates were included with that?
  • What’s left to do before a 1.0 release?
    • Roadmap in the issue queue:
  • Does ET integrate/use TMGMT? (Translation Management Tool)

Entity Translation in Drupal 8

  • Entity Translation has been committed to Drupal 8 core! Congratulations! When did that happen?
  • How will translations be handled in Drupal 8?
  • Before we started recording you mentioned some other entity related aspects you ran into while getting ET into D8. Would you mind talking about some of those?

Questions from Twitter

  • Transition (‏@Transition) - @ModsUnraveled how's support for CJKV languages? Chinese characters and such.
    • Is there somewhere people can go to find out more about unicode in Drupal 8?
  • Cathy YesCT (@ctheys) - Could it be said Entity Translation is a culmination of X months/years of work? #MUP049 #drupal #d8mi
    • Started Feb 2009
  • Thomas Svenson (@tsvenson) - Will revisioning & staging work on translations too? With WB Moderate only the original content is staged, not the translations. #MUP049

048 MortenDK and Pedro Cambra the Newest Drupal Association Board Members - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of MortenDK

Morten DK and Pedro Cambra were both recently elected to the Drupal Association Board, and took some time out of their day to talk with me about the Association and what they plan to do now that they're on the board.

Drupal Association

  • Can you explain who the DA are and what they do.
  • How can the DA improve understanding of what they do.
  • What does being an at large board member actually mean?
  • Do you get paid
  • Are board meetings in face to face and how often
  • Can you explain a little of how the process works behind closed doors in board meetings
  • Can normal community members get involved in the decisions the DA make

Your Opinions

  • Where do you think the DA should focus efforts to help grow Drupal
  • Where do you think the biggest challenges exist in the Drupal community
  • How does the DA become a truly globally represented organization

Questions from Twitter

  • Thomas Svenson (@tsvenson) - Besides Danish dynamite and the Spanish passion, what are @mortendk & @pcambra bringing to @DrupalAssoc? #MUP048
  • jerryitt (@jerryitt) - #MUP048 Hey guys. Congrats on your appointment's to the @DrupalAssoc
  • Christopher Dunne (@dunnee88) - #MUP048 Enjoyed @mortendk 's talk at #dcnw12 I'm a student @SalfordUni How can I get involved? :)
  • steinmb (@steinmb) - Would you discuss what's the major challenges @DrupalAssoc are facing due to the growth of the Drupal community? #MUP048
  • jerryitt (@jerryitt) - Are there plans for the open board meetings to be held over Google+ hangout or similar so it is more accessible #MUP048 @mortendk @pcambra
  • Thomas Svenson (@tsvenson) - Only time you can get @mortendk quiet is when he takes a sip of the #awesomesauce... #MUP048
  • steinmb (@steinmb) - Amazing, a podcast with @mortendk that we can tag as "clean" - no swearing? #MUP048 #Drupal
  • Thomas Svenson (@tsvenson - Thanks @mortendk & @pcambra, that's exactly what I wanted to hear. Great to hear your enthusiasm for the task. #MUP048

047 Ezra Gildesgame and the Drupal Commons Distribution - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Photo of Ezra Gildesgame

This week Ezra Gildesgame talks about the Drupal Commons Distribution, what it is and the status of the Drupal 7 version.


  • What is Drupal Commons?
    • What do you mean by “social business software solution for organizations”?
    • What features does Commons come with? (What modules provide those features?)
    • Is there a place that lists the available features?
  • What’s the status of a Drupal 7 version?
  • How does Acquia make money from Commons?
    • Gets folks to consider Drupal where they might not have otherwise - specific sales situations or advancing Drupal in general
    • Support
    • Network subscriptions
    • PS engagements to partners
  • What are the plans for Commons after the initial release?
    • GDO
    • Network services
    • Feature additions
  • How can people get involved in working on Commons?

Use Cases

  • Can you name a few medium or high profile sites that are built off of Commons? (Either D6 or D7 is fine.)

How can people help?

  • If people want to get involved, where do you need help right now?
  • How can we try out the Drupal 7 version of Commons?

Questions from Twitter

  • Laughing Bird Ltd (@laughingbird1): Hi @ModsUnraveled @ezrabg @drupalcommons I need to understand if drupal / Acquia Drupal can work on local PC with Windiows 8. Thanks.
  • Donna Benjamin (@kattekrab): Can you also give us a quick update on the Conference Organising Distro?#MUP047
  • Nitin Mudgal (@nmudgal): Any thoughts/plans of VOIP integration with @drupalcommons in its core like for updating content? #MUP047

046 Fabian Franz and Twig in Drupal 8 Core - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Fabian Franz joins me this week to talk about what Twig is, and how it got into Drupal 8 Core.

Background on Twig

  • Before we jump into what Twig is, what it does, and how it got into core, I want to get a little background on the topic.
  • Twig is an external project that we’re integrating into Drupal, right?
  • Who started the Twig project?
    • Fabien Potencier, founder of Symfony
  • When was that?
    • October 07, 2009 (
    • When I started with Drupal, another coincidence?
  • What is Twig replacing?
    • PHP Template
  • Why?
    • Easier syntax
    • Security
    • Endless possibilities

Twig as it is now

Jen Lampton was on the Drupalize.Me Podcast back in September talking with Addie about Twig. But, for the three people who are listening to this, and aren’t subscribed to the Drupalize.Me podcast, can you tell us a little bit about:

  • How it affects site administrators/clients?
  • How it affects site-builders?
  • How it affects theme developers?
  • How it affects module developers?
  • Is there a user interface that comes with Twig? Or is this just for coders?
  • Does Twig affect the way we use Panels, Display Suite, Context or other layout modules?
  • How does Twig affect:
    • Security
    • Performance
    • Multilingual sites

Twig in Core!



  • How long has the “get Twig in core” process been in-progress?
  • How many people have been working on getting Twig into Drupal?
    • I don’t really know, but over all code sprints and sandbox commits I would say 50-100 with a core team of around 5-10 people.
    • Just looking at who has sandbox commit access is exciting.

  • What was/is your involvement with that process?
    • Late to the game: 24th of September, through chx role call
    • Found an issue, thought about a different solution, worked on it
    • First working approach posted on my birthday :-D
    • Solved a real blocker (references in twig land) with some MAGIC!
    • Then First real Core Patch by me: Oct 4

  • When did it get committed to Core?
    • LIVE COMMIT! :-D on Nov, 3rd. Soo exciting!

  • How much of core has been replaced with Twig?
  • If I download Drupal 8 today, will the core themes all be ‘Twig themes’?
  • Questions from Twitter

    • Micah Godbolt (@micahgodbolt): what are the major frustrations in d7 that twig will be addressing in d8
    • Cameron Eagans (@cweagans): Pretty much everyone knows that Twig is awesome, and the ones that don't are in denial =P
    • Karyn Cassio (@TechGirlGeek): Kudos to the team implementing #TWIG for #Drupal 8's theme layer. Exciting stuff.
    • Carson Black (@carsonblack): what kind of feedback have they received from designers about how it works?
    • Carson Black: have they seen an increase in the # of designers since they created twig?
    • Transition (@Transition): what are the best ways to get started learning it? It'll be new to most Drupal Front-End devs.
    • Transition: also, are there any differences b/w using Twig on it's own vs. using it in Drupal?
    • Jared Stoneberg (@rock_soup): really impressed that twig actually works w/render arrays

    045 Thomas Seidl and the Search API Module - Modules Unraveled Podcast

    Photo of Thomas Seidl

    Thomas Seidl joins me to talk about Search API and some of its add-on modules that improve search in Drupal.

    Search API

    • What does the Search API do that Drupal core doesn’t do?
    • Where did this project get started? and why?
    • Is there a possibility of getting this into D8 core?
    • Search Views
      • How does this integrate with Views?
    • Search Facets
      • What are Facets?

    Add-on Modules

    Backends for the Search API

    • Solr search
    • Database search
    • Fuzzy Search
    • Xapian
    • Sarnia
    • Mongo DB backend

    Add-ons by Thomas

    • Search pages
    • Multi-index searches
    • Saved searches
    • Autocomplete

    Add-ons by other maintainers

    • Search API attachments
    • Extended search page
    • Pretty Facets Paths
    • Search API ranges
    • Search API sorts
    • Search API context
    • Search API AJAX
    • Search API Location
    • Search API live results

    Questions from Twitter

    • Damien McKenna (@DamienMcKenna): Any hopes to merge with ApacheSolr so one generic solution for searching rather than Solr getting so much direct development?
    • Damien McKenna: Any plans to add a storage-engine agnostic "more like this" feature?

    044 Owen Lansbury and DrupalCon Sydney - Modules Unraveled Podcast

    Photo of Owen Lansbury

    Owen Lansbury, the DrupalCon Sydney local team lead, talks about DrupalCon Sydney and what to expect at the conference.


    • I’d like to start out by getting a brief overview of what DrupalCon is for anyone that might be listening who hasn’t been to one.
      • The main way people working in Drupal come together face to face

    DrupalCon Sydney

    • When is it?
      • Feb 6-9 2013. Training and business day on the Wednesday, Main sessions Thurs-Fri, Sprint on Saturday
    • Where is it?
      • Right on the sand at the Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach. Big discount on normal rates to stay on site, so check out the website for the Venue details.
        10 minutes from Sydney airport and downtown
    • Who are the keynote speakers, and what will they talk about?
      • Dries Buytaert - The State of Drupal. 3rd time in Australia
      • Very high profile sitting member of the Australian parliament advocating open government. Full details released soon.
    • What tracks are available?
      • Coding and Development
      • Frontend
      • Business and Strategy
      • Sitebuilding
      • Community
      • Content
      • Case Studies
      • Business Day
    • Are there any featured sessions you’d like to point out?
      • Very excited by the international featured speakers making their way to sydney, inc Vesa Palmu coming from Finland, Jen Lampton, Addison Berry
    • What pre conference trainings will be available?
    • How much do they cost?
      • US$440
      • DrupalCon Ticket sales close on February 5, but 70% of tickets are already sold.
    • What has been going on since DrupalCon Munich
      • Ticket sales
      • Session proposals close this Friday (10/26/2012)
      • See
      • Social events

    043 Robin Barre and the Workbench Suite - Modules Unraveled Podcast

    Photo of Robin Barre

    Robin Barre of joins me this week to talk about the Workbench suite of modules.


    • The Workbench suite is an awesome suite of modules! I haven’t used it on a site yet, simply because I haven’t taken the time to learn it. But they say that the best way to learn something is to teach it, so I’m actually in the process of putting together a video series covering the entire suite. So, I’m excited to get that out later this month!
    • To quote the project page “Workbench provides overall improvements for managing content that Drupal does not provide out of the box.” Would you be willing to elaborate a bit on what those improvements are?
    • Use Case: From what I understand, this is like a “Workbench API” module. It doesn’t do anything on its own, but includes the code and functionality common to the other three modules, separated out so that you don’t need to enable all of the modules if you just want the functionality one of them. Is that true? Or does the Workbench module do something on its own?

    Workbench Access

    • Workbench Access provides some awesome access controls to who can create and edit content on a site. What are the possible ways of deciding who has access to what?
      • Are there plans to include Organic Groups as usable hierarchies?
    • Use Case: hierarchichal access control

    Workbench Moderation

    • Okay, so, I haven’t dove into Workbench Moderation or Workbench Media yet, so I’m flying blind here. What exactly does Workbench Moderation do?
    • What states can you add?
    • Why would you want to add additional states?
    • Can this be integrated with the Scheduler module to schedule the next version?
    • When is the 2.x version due?
    • Use Case: editorial workflow and any time you want to save as Draft

    Workbench Media

    • This integrates with the media module right?
      • What does this module do that the Media module doesn’t do by itself?
      • What does it do to the way media is viewed?
      • Does it control access to media assets? (ie: “my media”)

    Questions from Twitter

    • Steve Burge (@alledia): I'm interested in how much Workbench takes over from core parts of Drupal. For example, would you use WorkBench Access instead of core user roles and permissions?

    042 Deepak Gupta and the Social Login module - Modules Unraveled Podcast

    Photo of Deepak Gupta

    Deepak Gupta of joins me to talk about the Social Login module.

    Social Login

    • Does this integrate with LoginRadius?
      • What is LoginRadius?
    • What does the Social Login module do for a Drupal site?
      • Does it just associate a social profile to a Drupal user, and let them login using that account instead of their Drupal username?
      • Can this be applied to a site that already has a bunch of users?
      • Is there any sharing of profile information between the various services and the Drupal account? ie: profile photo.
        • If the fields don’t exist on the Drupal site (ie. physical address) does this create fields for that? or just ignore it?
      • Does Social Login create share links too? So that when someone is logged in they can Tweet about a post or share it on Facebook?
      • I saw that this provides “Social Statistics”, what kind of statistics does this gather?
    • Which platforms are supported out of the box?
    • How is LoginRadius making money from this?
      • Is it due to the partnerships you have with companies like Mozilla Corporation and Microsoft?
    • What’s planned for the future of the module? (Or LoginRadius in general)

    Use Cases

    • How would a site-builder benefit from this module?
    • What benefit does it provide as far as user engagement?

    041 Alex Weber and the Subs module - Modules Unraveled Podcast

    Photo of Alex Weber

    This week Alex Weber talks with me about the Subs module. I'm particularly interested in this module as I'm going to be using it on Modules Unraveled in the near future.


    • Where did the idea for the Subs module come from?
    • In your opinion, what is the state of subscriptions in Drupal 7?
    • What are some other options for setting up memberships in Drupal 7?
      • Rules/Rules Scheduler
      • Commerce Subscription Product
    • Where are the gaps in the process that Subs plans to fill?
    • Why would someone want to use Subs instead of Rules etc.?
    • What's the current state of Subs? Is it ready for use in production sites?

    Use Cases

    • What are the various ways that you can restrict access to content using Subs?
      • Subs Role
      • Integrate with NOPremium
      • Integrate with Profile2
      • Integrate with Organic Groups (soon)
      • Monthly (yearly etc.) membership sites
      • Sites which allow restricted access to certain content
    • What payment modules do you integrate with?

    Questions from Twitter

    • Jerryitt: Where do you see sub's limitations versus other ways of doing this in drupal using rules etc? And whats planned for the future?

    040 Eric Peterson and the Better Statistics Module - Modules Unraveled Podcast

    Photo of Eric Peterson

    Eric Peterson joins me this week to talk about the Better Statistics module and what kind of data you can collect about your site and your visitors.

    Better Statistics

    • What kind of statistics are we talking about here?
    • Does this compare to Google Analytics?
    • Why make the module in the first place?
    • What is the Statistics API?
    • How can developers use the API?
    • Is there documentation?

    Use Cases

    • What kind of data can be collected about users?:
      • In progress: Browscap [#1787488]
      • In progress: IP Geolocation Views & Maps [#1791526]
    • What data is collected on the page request:
      • How long did Views take to generate/execute/theme queries?
      • What entity/node was loaded?

    Questions from Twitter

    • @nateswart:
      • What performance considerations/issues exist with Better Statistics? #drupal #MUP040
      • Specifically, Google Analytics uses a JS callback as opposed to this more server-side model. #MUP040 #drupal
      • Would you consider support for a "slave" database of sorts (for stats only)? Would that address performance issues? #MUP040 #drupal